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UDL Nederland is the Dutch training centre for Universal Design for Learnign (UDL). UDL Nederland was founded by Irma van Slooten (M.Sc.) and Linda Nieuwenhuijsen (BSW).

What is UDL?

UDL is a method by which to design a learning environment in a flexible way. This allows you to respond to the natural diversity of your student population without compromising on your learning objectives. 


If you really know and understand what the central concept is you are teaching, then separate that from the many ways in which you can teach that concept, and use them all! This helps to engage the students and encourages them to express their knowledge in different ways*. This is what we call the UDL Foundation: 'Firm Goals, Flexible Means'.


UDL was invented over 30 years ago in the USA, where it forms part of the American Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008. UDL is based on research in a wide variety of scientific disciplines like the learning sciences, developmental psychology, neurosciences and even architecture! Much of current practice in UDL comes from CAST, who have written and who maintain the  UDL Principles and Guidelines. 



We deliver UDL training and coaching. Our primary target area is higher education, where we have worked with academic staff, managers, IT staff and educational specialists. We have developed an e-course in English which is very well received by faculty abroad. A combination of online and IRL learning is of course also possible.


For any queries please do not hesitate to contact us!



* Novak, UDL NOW, 2014.



Bruikbaar en inspirerend, met veel extra materiaal, interactie en praktische adviezen.
Marjan de Ruijter, Docent HRM, Hogeschool Leiden